[C]'s Preschool Co-Op
Curriculum for Pre-K2 and Kindergarten
  • Homeschool playgroup
  • Playdates
  • Field Trips
  • Preschool co-ops
at the nature center

With a good friend at the nature center
[A] and [J] playing together while [C] was at preschool

A preschool activity (they were looking for miniature alligators in shaving cream)

at field trip to the fire station with a fun group of preschoolers
Exploring the Dixon Gallery and Gardens with good friends

Ah, life!

I am in no way worried about my kids being socially handicapped someday.  (And that's a soap box I really shouldn't climb on top of.)  There are many, many opportunities to interact with playmates during school.  We love the invites we receive and always enjoy having friends join us on our outings.  Preschool (which [C] did twice a week, and [A] did once a week) was another way we included social development into our curriculum.  

With friends at Shelby Farms


  1. I personally think that people who claim that homeschooling your kids leaves them "social handicapped" are ridiculous and ignorant. There are so many opportunities to allow for social opportunities in home schooling. Good on you Anita!

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  3. Love! Love, love, LOVE reading your blog and looking at your wonderful pictures. Amazing.


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