Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Quarantine, Day 23: A poem

Quarantine, Day 23

It moved too fast, the spreading darkness
A scythe, brushing past me, snagging others
At first a distant taunt
Then an exponential climb

Robber of breath and the wisdom of ages,
wisdom we never passed on
because we weren't ready to need it

Instead we loitered in pajamas
Gorged ourselves with a streaming feed
Of digitized rants and marching graphs and farcicality
Gluttons for the mass trauma of the outside world, for any reminder 
that out there there are people, that this is real.

And when we had fed ourselves sick,
We could not sit still, so we paced
The mania restless in our bones,
Occasionally scrubbing things.

We already knew that we had run from stillness,
that we should have been home more before all this,
to watch the radishes grow
and the children.

And then, with it rapping at the window,
We wondered if being walled in, screened off
with no way of helping
Was some kind of justice 

We waited in the gloom that seemed to seep from our pores
Waited for the virus to pass through our cells like a ghost
Waited for the poverty of souls it would leave in its wake
Held books in our hands with good intentions
Just staring at the page

At least it was Spring--
and in the sunlight the buds and the greens and the falcons didn't even seem to notice
that the people of the earth were alone
in their collective grieving
and that their fear feels an awful lot like a sore throat

How can the sunlight just sit there?  

--by Anita Fairbanks

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Photo of the Week, July 2020

There are tree frogs living in the bathroom at our campsite in McCloud, CA.

 If they're going to make fires anyway, we may as well teach them how. 

What's even more impressive than Paul sculpting this, is that the kids helped.

Why are snakes so irresistible?

Aspen trees near the 2nd Largest Organsim on Earth, Pando

Kite Flying

Now I want to do this again.  Just need some wind.

Visiting petroglyphs at Capitol Reef

Chasing Jr. Rangers

Old graffiti in a canyon at Capitol Reef

Snack break

Investigating lava flow at Paulina Peak

He could almost fly

Swimming at South Twin Lake, a favorite by now

Taking the world on her shoulders

Friday, February 21, 2020

Photo of the Week: May, June 2019

I was able to attend an Olympiad with my daughter.  It was a reenactment of ancient Greek Olympic games.  I got to be a city-queen.  
 This is [C] wrestling at the Olympiad.  It was beautiful to learn the philosophy behind it.  Not that different from Argentine tango.  

 [G] and I made a paper-mache lamp for his bedroom.  He uses it every night to postpone sleep.  

 Paul loves teaching sporadically out of his old chemistry textbooks.  

[C] played a Fagin boy in Oliver!  She said to consider yourself at home.  

 Kindergarten is a great time to play store during math lessons.  I let them "scan" the items with my phone's barcode scanner so it beeps just like real groceries.

Chocolate frogs from our Harry Potter Philosophy Guild Seminar
Man vs. viola recital.This was the week we studied Gutenberg. 
 Dad pile.

Exploring the neighborhood.

 [C] woke us up just in time to see this bobcat play with our rabbit den.

Jumping on the trampoline on a perfect spring evening.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Photo of the Week: Baking bread, planting seeds

Volcanoes are so much more fun with dinosaurs 

 My little "Red Hen"
 It turns out, he is better at making bread than I have ever been

 We participate in a kids book club called "Philosophy Guild."  We really enjoyed reading and discussing Anne of Green Gables together.
 Raspberry Cordial
 Planting Seeds

 Learning how to tell time
 Angler Fish 

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