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How Co-ops and Micro-Schools Can Help

It's right under our noses: an educational model that can help parents juggle work and homeschooling, helps kids reconnect, and helps keep the transmission of COVID-19 down.   My state just released the guidelines for reopening schools in the fall .  It's going to be a wild ride, and I'm glad that option is available; however, we need other options. Homeschool co-ops and micro-schools can help. It's not a new concept (homeschoolers have already been doing this for decades), it's practically free, local, self-sufficient (taught by parents), requires no technology, can be tailored to suit individuals, and it adapts to local stay-at-home guidelines. We've learned that if we don't work together, we'll go stir-crazy.   Some of us never intended to homeschool.  Some of us are old-school homeschoolers that miss networking with other families.  We all feel the need to be creative and fle xible.   How in the world can we expect kids to keep 6 feet apart? I can

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