Art Curriculum

Art Curriculum for Pre-K2
  • Miscellaneous Projects (when inspired)

Art Curriculum for Kindergarten
  • Miscellaneous Projects (when inspired)

Alas, this was one subject that happens erratically.  It took me months to clean up the glitter from our first project, and it hurt my motivation.  

Hammer practice 
Spontaneous art project.  Thank you Bert and Mary Poppins.

I wish we could spend some time on drawing lessons.  That said, drawing happens daily even without parental encouragement, and since the painting supplies are within [C]'s reach, we have so many paintings set out to dry, that our walls do not have room to receive them.

[C]'s Easter egg showing Rapunzel.  We let them experiment with pysanky technique for the first time.
[A]'s Ukrainian Easter egg.  He had a lot of help, but did great considering the open flames involved. 


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