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Okay, so history didn't work out so well this year.  We did a pretty good job studying dinosaurs, we just never made it to the people:)  

I want an interactive timeline that is both pre-filled and editable, so we can add events that are important to us.  I want it to be pictoral and have space for dictated reports.  I want it to grow in complexity as their understanding grows, so we aren't boggled by details we haven't studied yet.  I want the spaces between events to be fluid instead of rigid, like a string instead of a ruler, because I want events to be relative to each other and not to some arbitrary invisible structure applied to them.  The timeline should not necessarily be straight (unless you can prove to me that time is). Oh, and a two-dimensional line is a st**** way to represent events that take place in time and space.  So, it really should look more like a three-dimensional world map that changes over time.  

I can't seem to find one of those.  Can someone build one for me?

Dressing up like ancient Greeks (one of our few attempts at studying History this year)


  1. lol, Anita, your capacity for words is refreshing! I like the Greek dress up. Seems a fun way to approach history. I'd also probably combine history and humanities, just because art history, ancient literature, and music just seem such 'real' ways to approach the past. Plus I think learning about a focus among the general makes it click better-- hence, I like history that deals with specific biographies and events rather than just broad generalizations. There is a movie series-- not sure the company-- that does artists and inventors. Each episode is a biography. They are actually very good, though I don't know when the kids would really become interested in something like that.

  2. I love your creativity! Such lucky kids.


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