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Nutrition Curriculum for Pre-K2
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Nutrition Curriculum for Kindergarten
  • Food Preparation
The best thing that happened to our snack times this year was aiming fruits and vegetables at them.  It fixed snack time greediness and mealtime fussiness.  (A little of my fussiness, too, since I don't have to worry about side dishes at meals anymore.)  I include this as a curriculum subject because not only do they have to rise to the challenge of thinking up nutritious snacks, they have to help prepare them.  I read on a homeschooling blog that the key to teaching multiple children at home is to make sure they know how to feed themselves.  As much as this makes it harder, I have hope that someday it will make it easier.  So they peel, spread, blend, hold the hand mixer, stir the pot, roll the dough, and chop right alongside me.  Luckily, we've never had to go to the emergency room because of a cooking lesson.  

On day #1, we didn't have any field trips planned, so we took our snack out to the backyard for a picnic.
[C] with a snack on her back

We were glad we ate outside that day, because we found these devouring our [neglected] garden:

on a spaghetti squash
To be continued as a science lesson . . .


  1. oh no! I despise the damage squash bugs can do!

    and is that home made peanut butter? You ARE ambitious!


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