Holiday Recap

"As if you could kill time without injuring eternity" --Henry David Thoreau

We do in fact celebrate holidays every now and then, in small and simple ways.  These pictures show how fast the time has marched along.  
Valentine's Day surprise "breakfast" 2013

The Great Snow of Winter 2013

[C]'s first Ukranian egg, Easter 2013

[A]'s 3rd birthday 

[C]'s 5th birthday

Mama's Ukranian egg, Easter 2013
(I enjoyed making this one. I didn't use any dye--I started with a naturally brown egg, waxed it, and then dipped it in a bleach solution.)

Trip to Chattanooga, summer 2013


The baby blue jay that fell out of our tree and the kids saved from the neighbor's cat.  (Don't try this at home, we broke a lot of rules here.)

4th of July 3-legged-race champions, 2013

water balloon toss, July 4th, 2013

super friends

Triathlon, 2013 

Trip to the City Museum in St. Louis, summer 2013

City Museum

a certifiably haunted bed and breakfast, Oct. 2013

Vampire coven, Halloween 2013

One of the privileges of having a dental student in the home for Halloween is that everyone gets customized removable dentures. 

except this  one, he's a bat:)

winter 2013, scary stories by the fire

Fall 2013 (there are three kids in that picture)

Back-to-school homeschool co-op style, Fall 2013

Thanksgiving 2013  We were by ourselves this year because [G] was home-bound, but we had a good time.

A Wampanoag native

A pilgrim

Christmas 2013, gingerbread pyramid at Giza.  Each year we re-construct a different famous piece of architecture.  The rules state that it must be edible.

The Reese's snowman inside the tomb is a sarcophagus. 

Paper snowflake ballerinas, Christmas 2013

Sleeping under the tree, Christmas 2013

Cuddling -wait, we do that every day.
[A]'s Ukranian Easter egg, 2014

[C]'s egg, 2014

Mama's egg, 2014 

The other side of Mama's, because it's a rare thing for her to sit down and create something, and because this is her blog and she can post whatever she wants.

Papa's egg, 2014 , Winner of the Most Awesomest of the Year Award

Papa's, another viewpoint

Morel hunting 2014, because hunting mushrooms is a holiday in this family

Morels on salmon, because why not?

[A]'s 4th birthday party

He chose an airplane theme

We had a paper airplane folding workshop and then held a competition

You know you're a homeschooler when you're in the middle of a birthday party and all your friends want to take a break to read non-fiction about WWI fighter pilots.  

[C]'s 6th birthday party, Neverland theme

Digging up buried treasure


Summer road trip, 2014


  1. What a delightful update! I loved the year(s) in photos! Your Ukrainian eggs are phenomenal! Your Wampanoag outfits are amazing (certainly beats the paper bag outfits I've always made!), and I can't think of many things cooler than customized vampire teeth! All of your kids are beautiful/handsome!!! So happy to see you guys loving life! :)

  2. I love that you get two pictures of your egg. It deserved two! And (C)'s vampire teeth look so natural in the picture it is almost creepy. Well done (P)!

  3. So many wonderful, creative, lovely moments here. I'd love an egg tutorial, those are amazing! And the cakes! And your photography is just beautiful. The pictures show up larger in my blog reader and I so enjoy seeing them in their full glory. These are precious, beautiful memories you are creating and capturing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. amazing moments - beautifully captured. Every single one of these is a work of art. Ah, the magical holidays of childhood....


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