Photo of the Week: May, June 2019

I was able to attend an Olympiad with my daughter.  It was a reenactment of ancient Greek Olympic games.  I got to be a city-queen.  
 This is [C] wrestling at the Olympiad.  It was beautiful to learn the philosophy behind it.  Not that different from Argentine tango.  

 Paul loves teaching sporadically out of his old chemistry textbooks.  

[C] played a Fagin boy in Oliver!  She said to consider yourself at home.  

 Kindergarten is a great time to play store during math lessons.  I let them "scan" the items with my phone's barcode scanner so it beeps just like real groceries.

Chocolate frogs from our Harry Potter Philosophy Guild Seminar

Man vs. viola recital.This was the week we studied Gutenberg. 

 Dad pile.

Exploring the neighborhood.

 [C] woke us up just in time to see this bobcat play with our rabbit den.

Jumping on the trampoline on a perfect spring evening.


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