Bring Your Dad's Work to School Day

We held a preschool on "teeth" a few months ago.  The kids took turns pretending to be dentists.  When Papa came home, he got to be the patient.  We're so proud of him.  He's reached the halfway point in dental school: 2 more years to go!  He's  a wonderful father who's going to be an amazing dentist.

Our Dental Practice

When you visit Fairbanks Fair Dental, you'll get to relax before your appointment in our luxury spa waiting room:

Waiting Room

 We take pride in having the best literature available to make your wait enjoyable.

*For an additional charge, we have an in-house massage therapist for nervous patients.

When the dentist is ready to see you, our friendly certified hygienist will pull your chart and call your name.  

No HIPPA violations here!

Dr. [C]

Our expert staff will take a radiograph of your dental anatomy using our state-of-the-art X-RAY machine. 

[T], a smiling patient happy to get pictures of her teeth

We only offer the latest technology in radiography:

Paul getting an X-RAY taken

The dentist will always check up on your general health before performing any procedures.  

This patient's blood pressure was alarmingly high; he was consequently admitted to the hospital for further testing; Dr. [A] saved his very life that day.  

At Fairbanks Fair Dental, we bring you skilled hygienists who will eliminate plaque with precision and finesse.

Flossing a patient

We maintain an immaculately sterile environment.  

Patient [M] and the hygienist, [C].

The hygienist will offer tips to help you improve your dental health between visits.


  After a thorough cleaning, our certified assistants will prepare everything the dentist might need for your examination: 

Dr. [M]

Dr. [S]

One of our award-winning and caring dentists will then see you.

Dr. [A]

"Open wide . . . "

If you are experiencing in any discomfort,

(discomfort dramatized)

(discomfort less dramatized)

 . . . we offer a variety of effective options for pain control:

A favorite form of pain control: distraction

Every chair in our practice includes a private DVD player.


You'll never want to leave!

The dentist will detect any oral problems you might have,

Patient [S]

Exterminate any cavity bugs,

And suction away all the blood.

(DIY: tape a straw onto the base of an electric toothbrush.  Looks and feels like the real thing!)

When you are done, we'll send you home with free samples and a memorial balloon!

A satisfied patient

Don't forget to schedule your next appointment!

 . . .and pay your bill!


  1. AHHH ANITA! This was so adorable I almost died!!! The funny thing is I was actually looking up dentists in the area that me and Owen could go to, but I tell ya, we'd go to Fairbanks Fair Dental in a heart beat!

    So cute though, I love your creativeness, your family is adorable! Miss you guys!

  2. Love this! So clever. Beautiful children I might add! :)

  3. Too cute. That looks like so much fun. Love it.

  4. Now that looks like one awesome dental practice!!!


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